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The inspiration for Caring Sisters Association was started in Cameroon by Clotilda Nyungo in 2008. Growing up in Big Mankon-Bamenda, she experienced the absence of a spirit of unity, collaboration, proactiveness, self-empowerment, and independence among young women. Her goal was to form a group that could bring together enthusiastic young women to work towards empowering themselves and creating a path for assuring the success of the women of younger generations, as well as supporting the less privileged in the community. On March 4, 2012, Caring Sisters Association was founded in the USA by Cecilia Ashu and Juliette Ghong. The vision of the group was to be religious, non-partisan, non-violent, nonpolitical, and nonprofit in nature.

The Caring Sisters come together to make a difference in our lives and in our community. Growing up in hardship and seeing others go through similar and even worse conditions today is our reason for coming together to help. We also want to make sure that women are being treated with love and respect and are provided opportunities for education and career development in order to boost their self-esteem, entrepreneurship, and independence.

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